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We are the Woodlands’ Audio Video company of choice for many corporate events and locations!

Whether you need something for your boardroom, conference room, or corporate entertainment space, we can help.

We don’t just set up a projector screen and a projector and hand you a remote.

We work with you, asking questions to find out what your company needs.

We bring a whole solution together for your audio and video systems that is fully integrated with whatever devices you want to use.

By providing distributed music and video systems, we help to create exactly the environment you need, whether that’s ambient sound for a relaxed environment, or something more upbeat.

We also place focus on multi-media rooms and experiences, which are great for corporate events and parties.

audio video combination for Woodlands boardroomOur services include:

We provide the Woodlands and Montgomery County with Audio/Video solutions that include video displays, distributed video, and full control over all components.

And we don’t just get something off the shelf and put it in your home or office.  We design systems that meet your company and indivudal needs.

From a simple display for digital signage out on Woodlands Parkway, to a sophisticated video wall matrix that includes multiple source inputs (Examples might be Satellite, Blu-Ray, 4k, and more), we make all of your audio and video work.

Whether that’s done through wireless connectivity, or through wired connections, we make sure that all of your audio and video can easily be controlled from wall panels and/or any mobile device via our automations systems.

Distributed audio is incorporated with all video locations for a complete sound and visual experience.

Contact us today to ask questions and learn more!