Fun With Alexa: Automating Homes With Conversation

Yes, you can talk with Alexa and ask questions, and Alexa will do her best to find a response.

Here are some fun videos of Amazon’s Alexa in action.

Here’s a short video showing home lighting using Amazon Alexa:

Here’s a much longer video with a man walking around his house, communicating with Alexa in each room he enters:

Google Home is also now a viable option.

Here is Google’s video showcasing their home automation technology:

Here are some more fun videos with Alexa (below. Warning, some of these might be not safe for work).

Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo Dot

Remember that this technology is very much in it’s infancy.

As Artificial Intelligence and machine understanding of human speech improves further and further, the possibilities of this tech expand exponentially.

If we can be of help in getting your home automated through technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, (or if you need help setting up Alexa or other technologies to automate parts of your home), please contact us.

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